Without doubt, English has become the dominant language of business globally.  And without mastery of English, the international outlook for you and the business you represented will be hindered. In business and finance, there is no room for error or forgiveness, whether it’s deal-making, negotiating or trading. In terms of job competitiveness, Banking and Finance scores high on the EF index, so without it you could be left behind.

In the highly regulated worlds of finance and insurance, you cannot afford to be misunderstood when giving advice. When it comes to contract law, where most of your deals will wind up in some way or form, you will need to have a strong grip of all forms of communication along with an understanding of nuance and implicit meaning in all that is said and communicated both verbally and through legal interpretation. Accountants cannot make errors on their client or employer’s statutory reporting.

And while English is not mandatory, if you’re studying an international professional qualification such as the CFA, CII, ICAEW or ACCA their exams are set in English and you are tested on written comprehension of problems of business as well as arithmetic. Without at least a B/B2 on the CASAS/CEFR scale, you will be putting your results and possible graduate status at risk.

We have put together a series of courses that can start you at any level of English and move you into your specific subjects to suit your career choice. There are also other elective specialist courses that will also provide extremely useful as your career success grows. From there you can go on to study your BULATS, IELTS General or Cambridge Business exams to further support your international mobility.

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