Our mission: Empowering the world’s learners

After more than 30 years’ experience in international media and education, in 2016 EnglishLL was founded.

We use this expertise to combine the best in digital and media with strong educational principles to create a pathway to lifelong learning for every student.

Our global network of students spans every continent. With a focus on making learning as rich and efficient as possible, we aim to open up their worlds through English and professional pathway education.

Our partners: We connect the best in education and media

Our carefully selected partners represent world-class educational heritage and the latest in ed-tech and media production. Through tailored courses in English for Specific Purpose we connect these brands with the new generation of learners.

We aim to inspire our students to change their lives, and the selection of our partners is key to this. Each and every one shares our vision for opening up the possibilities within the English-speaking world through premium quality education.

Our partners are all respected publishers and digital providers of education and we are extremely proud to bring their content to students around the world.

Newsela is an education technology company dedicated to transforming the way students access the world through words. With high-interest news articles daily, it gives you the chance to improve your language skills for the 21st century.

ELL Business offers 150 short courses totalling over 1,000 hours of e-learning across all areas of professional life. Created by industry experts and media professionals, students get an overview of every part of the business world.

Bright Minds

BrightMinds connects students with hand-picked, high quality tutors for e-learning. Their team of skilled tutors are all highly qualified and experienced in delivering engaging, culturally-relevant lessons to students.

English Attack

Designed by gaming experts in collaboration with teachers and neuroscientists, over one million people already learn with English Attack!, improving their English every day with lessons based on the latest movies.

uTalk’s tried and tested products work by stimulating both sides of the brain at the same time – the visual memory (right side) and verbal (left side). This dual-coding improves recall and learning dramatically.

ELSA is the world’s leading pronunciation app. Their vision is to enable everyone to speak foreign languages with full confidence, helping to reach a better life and career opportunities.


Ardor English are one of the leading providers of English language learning to global business. They now own the original e-learning created by Oxford University Press and have developed it for the new age learner, calling it My Ardor English.

Barcroft Media make incredible TV that gets over 1bn views each month. Based in London, they have made programming for the BBC, CBS and Netflix.

The Burlington English curriculum combines academic and work-ready skills, which actively engage and prepare students for higher education and job training to promote career success.

Empowering today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders

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