Our mission: Empowering the world’s learners

After more than 30 years’ experience in international media and education, in 2016 EnglishLL was founded. We use our expertise to combine the best in digital and media with strong educational principles and world class partners to create a pathway to lifelong learning for every student. This is our ambition.

We democratise learning by bringing together the tried and proven world class learning of our partners – old and new – with new digital technology and channels and break down borders and barriers to entry by offering exceptional value that we pass on to you to make sure learning affordable to anyone with the ambition to succeed in their career in life. We give you all you need to succeed – you bring the rest!

Our global network of students spans every continent. With a focus on making learning as rich, efficient and affordable as possible, we aim to open up your world through English and professional pathway education. All we ask in return of you is that you commit – to your learning, to us and to yourself.



Empowering today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders