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Our British English and American English online courses are English language courses aimed at those entering into higher education or the workplace. With our English courses, you have all you need to get to a C/C1 level of English on the CASAS/CEFR framework. This will give you all you need for future IELTS and professional English study.

  • World class English courses created by Oxford University Press and Burlington English
  • English language learning for any ability, from A1 beginner to C1 advanced and native English speaking
  • English speaking, listening, reading, writing and English grammar and vocabulary covered in every step of the course
  • Intelligent placement tests to put you in at the right level to start learning English
  • English conversation and English fluency using speech apps with voice recognition and correction technology
  • Learning flexibility – unlimited access to study in your own time, your own way
  • English tests and completion certificates at each major milestone
  • Learn to read English with a large library of e-books including literary classics re-written for your level of English

“When a person improves themselves, they give something to the world”


“Reading is the skill that makes all other learning possible,” Barack Obama


“Education doesn’t care or ask where you’re from. Its only interest is where you want to go”


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English is the international language of business, science, medicine, engineering, aviation and travel. The new normal sees businesses collaborating more than ever across borders, timezones and cultures, seeking out what’s similar, not what’s different.

English language is the engine that powers this. Learning English gives a life skill that opens doors to your future and reduces barriers. People who use languages in their jobs typically earn between 8% and 30% more.

See our Career English courses, designed for those wanting to enter a professional career.

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