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We teach English by combining world class publishers of English language tuition with the best in digital and media to create a pathway to lifelong learning.

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MyEnglishLL is the first of our new professional courses. With a foundation in general English, you are given basics in business and financial English, plus a choice from over 100 business short courses, opening up a world of career and business skills.

  • Courses start from A1 beginner to C1 advanced
  • Core English e-learning programme on any device, any time
  • Dedicated support resources using the latest materials and media channels
  • Fluency and speech apps
  • Cognitive profiling, performance tools and testing
  • Live private and group online classes
  • A week-by-week roadmap for using the course resources
  • Course flexibility – study in your own time, your own way
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English is the international language of business; learning it gives a life skill that opens doors to your future. People who use languages in their jobs typically earn between 8% and 30% more.

Our courses are all designed for those wanting to enter university or a professional career.

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“Reading is the skill that makes all other learning possible,” Barack Obama


“When a person improves themselves, they give something to the world”


“Education doesn’t care or ask where you’re from. Its only interest is where you want to go”


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