Aviation is the only sector globally where English is mandatory in order to hold a pilots or ATC license. With our English for ATC course, you get over 30 hours of learning spread across four modules, covering key topics of air traffic navigation, pre-flight to cruising, approach, emergencies & hazards. Check below to see what you will learn and achieve by the end of this course. This course is designed for those who are achieving ICAO Level 4. You should be able to communicate effectively, accurately and with clarity in voice only (telephone/radiotelephone) and face to face situations.  You can use appropriate communication strategies to recognise, check, confirm, clarify and resolve misunderstandings. You should be able to successfully and relatively easily handle linguistic challenges presented by complications or unexpected turns of events in a cockpit or in-flight situation. You can speak and use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautic community.