The global healthcare sector is one of the most important in modern day living, as recent events have demonstrated. Worth over $9tn in 2019 and set to grow to at least $12trn by 2022 according to the World Economic Forum, there are 44m health workers worldwide. Global mobility is at your doorstep as the profession faces a shortfall of people with 6m jobs left unfilled.

For the practising medical professional or student, English has become the international language of medicine, science and the healing arts. Research and learning is dominated by use of English with 95% of medical journals and findings published in English. World problems will be solved as medical and scientific teams share learning and solutions globally. The days of individual labs working on their own is over. Leveraging the resources of different labs is often a requirement for funding.

In the care environment, English will be the default primary or secondary language of patient and carer interaction and the need to comprehend and instruct is life changing. Also being better equipped to console patients, family and friends in times of distress.

For the student, the future of work in the healthcare sector also forecasts significant changes and a need for stronger people and digital skills – all heavily biased towards the use of English. There is also a high demand for healthcare professionals as the World Health Organisation says there are 6m jobs needing to be filled globally.

Our English for Medical Purposes courses provide training that is relevant across the profession, from doctors to nurses (who form 90% of the world’s healthcare profession) and carers. Please click below for details on each course and start learning.

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