With globalisation a reality, many countries are focusing on developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as part of their long-term economic strategy. English is now the common language of science (formerly it was German) and it is now more important than ever for students looking to enter any engineering discipline. For example, in the US alone, more than two million STEM jobs were created in the last decade that couldn’t all be filled domestically, resulting in international recruitment opportunities, according to TIMS (the International Math and Science Study).

For those in work, having a strong proficiency of English as well as knowing the specific vocabulary is critical in both the spoken and written format. Whether it’s to read or product reports, understand complex instructions and process in the field or ensuring adherence to strict health and safety and other critical insurance requirements, English will be present in every part of your role when dealing with international parts, services, partners, clients and Lloyds Insurance.

Our online course includes a strong foundational English syllabus either in American or British English. You will develop all areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing where you will progress to the B and B2 levels on the CASAS/CEFR scales. From there you will take the elective Engineering English course. All our online learning is synchronised to your devices and you have unlimited access 24/7 with progress and scores tracked. There are speech training apps, vocabulary lists and even ebook versions of literary classics re-written to your current level of English. At the end of the courses, you are awarded certificates to demonstrate your achievement and show your employer or trainer.

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