American English Course

American English Course


Placement Test to assess your current level of English.

Flagship English e-learning created by Burlington English, one of the biggest English language creators and schools in the world. The state of the art curriculum on our courses covers every level of core English learning you need. Courses include placement tests, unlimited access to hundreds of hours of learning, a speech trainer app that listens to your voice and uses AI to correct your pronunciation. There are also vocabulary lists for you to learn and practice key words. There is unlimited access 24/7 across any device and all your learning is synchronised so you pick up where you left off.

Career English. These elective courses are for your advanced studies and help move you into the career of your choice. There is specific training and exercises that focus on key topics, written by both subject matter experts and English language experts ensuring you get the correct training.

Contemporary movies and TV shows, adapted into English learning for any level. This helps you learn how native English speakers really talk. They use footage from Oscar winning films, popular songs and famous TV shows from the BBC, CBS and other companies. There are exercises and quizzes with each clip. This is normally worth $6o but is FREE with our course.

Business Short Courses: Choose one of our day-long e-learning courses on a variety of key business and communication topics for FREE. These are e-learning courses along with an accompanying audiobook and e-book. This course, worth $49 is included in your foundational course, thanks to ELL Business.

Private tuition: You can book additional personal Skype based service from one of our native English tutors. Ask us about this extra learning.

Tests and certification: All our courses have testing, at the beginning, throughout and at the end so you’ll always have a good idea of your progress. We issue completion and competency certificates as well.

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