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Our English courses are in British or American English and built around the comprehensive training system designed by Oxford University Press and Burlington English. The course serves as a foundation for any Professional or Academic English needs.

The courses have been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing them to fit into even the busiest of lifestyles. Each element of a course is available online, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever you wish and at a speed that suits you.

We understand that time is precious, so it is for this reason that our flagship courses are crafted from world-class learning resources. Each element that makes up our learning has been selected by us to ensure that every student has the best possible chance of reaching their goals.

The courses are available in levels, in line with the CEFR and CASAS to help you meet the WIOA requirement. So, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re on your way to full English fluency, our carefully created syllabus, support tools and mix of coaching and live tuition will ensure your development through to English language mastery.

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Placement Test to assess your current level of English.

Flagship English e-learning created by Burlington English, one of the biggest English language creators and schools in the world. The state of the art curriculum on our courses covers every level of core English learning you need. Courses include placement tests, unlimited access to hundreds of hours of learning, a speech trainer app that listens to your voice and uses AI to correct your pronunciation. There are also vocabulary lists for you to learn and practice key words. There is unlimited access 24/7 across any device and all your learning is synchronised so you pick up where you left off.

Career English. These elective courses are for your advanced studies and help move you into the career of your choice. There is specific training and exercises that focus on key topics, written by both subject matter experts and English language experts ensuring you get the correct training.

Contemporary movies and TV shows, adapted into English learning for any level. This helps you learn how native English speakers really talk. They use footage from Oscar winning films, popular songs and famous TV shows from the BBC, CBS and other companies. There are exercises and quizzes with each clip. This is normally worth $6o but is FREE with our course.

Business Short Courses: Choose one of our day-long e-learning courses on a variety of key business and communication topics for FREE. These are e-learning courses along with an accompanying audiobook and e-book. This course, worth $49 is included in your foundational course, thanks to ELL Business.

Coaching: If you opt for additional support, you will get email coaching throughout your course from a tutor who will also check your work and results.

Private tuition: If you’ve opted for this extra learning, you will receive a personal service from one of our native English tutors through Skype based tuition.

Tests and certification: All our courses have testing, at the beginning, throughout and at the end so you’ll always have a good idea of your progress. We issue completion and competency certificates as well.

Device: All our learning is delivered online so you will need access to either a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also choose to download your learning and study offline, then synchronise with the system once you have wifi access. All learning is delivered behind a password protected environment so there are no security risks.

Headphones and microphone: Whether you’re practising your pronunciation with an app or talking with your tutor, you will need good connectivity and a good set of headphones and microphone to get the most out of it.

Time and commitment. These are entirely down to you, but putting in a minimum of 20 minutes per day will help you get great results. This is where you need to really focus and dedicate yourself. Learning a language is hard work.

Our courses are open to anyone of commitment and ability. The EnglishLL courses are particularly designed for people aspiring to develop a solid foundation for their English in order to support their university studies, or launch a professional career in a role that requires a high level of English.

There is no minimum starting level; you can enter this course at any point from A to C and then go on to study some of our specialist elective courses. Our job is to support you through that journey. The only necessary quality you need, is to be dedicated and committed to improving your education and giving yourself a head start. CHANGE YOUR LIFE!



Click a tab below to discover what you will be able to do at the end of each CASAS level.

A speaker can participate effectively in social and familiar work situations; can understand and participate in practical and social conversations and in technical discussions in their own field. Reading/Writing: Can handle most reading and writing tasks related to life roles; can read and interpret most non-simplified materials and handle some technical materials.

Employability: Can meet work demands with confidence, interact with the public, and follow written instructions in work manuals.

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A learner can function independently in survival, social and work situations. Able to clarify general meaning and communicate on the telephone on familiar topics. Can read and interpret non-simplified materials on everyday subjects; can interpret routine charts, graphs, and labels; fill out medical information forms and job applications; and write an accident or incident report. Employability: Understands routine work-related conversations. Can handle work that involves oral and written instructions and interact with the public. Can perform reading and writing tasks, such as logs, reports, and forms, with reasonable accuracy to meet work needs.

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A learner can satisfy most survival and social needs. Has some ability to understand and communicate on the telephone on familiar topics. Can participate in conversations on a variety of topics. They can read and interpret simplified and some non-simplified materials on familiar topics. Can interpret simple charts, graphs and labels and simple forms and job applications. Can write short personal notes and letters and make simple log entries.

Employability: Can handle jobs and training situations that involve oral and simple written instructions and limited public contact. Can read a simple employee handbook

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From a speaking and listening perspective, a learner can satisfy basic survival and social needs, able to follow oral directions in familiar contexts. Has limited ability to understand telephone calls. Understands learned phrases easily and new phrases with familiar vocabulary. They can read and interpret simplified authentic material on familiar topics, write messages related to basic needs. Can handle things like basic medical forms and job applications.

Employability: Can handle jobs and training that involve following basic oral and written instructions.

As you move down the scale, a learner can satisfy basic needs and social demands when speaking. Understands simple learned phrases easily and some new simple phrases containing familiar vocabulary, spoken slowly and repeated. Can read and interpret simple material on familiar topics. Able to read and interpret simple directions, schedules, signs, and menus. Can fill out forms requiring basic personal information and write short, simple notes and messages based on familiar situations.

Employability: Can handle entry-level jobs that involve some simple oral and written communication but in which tasks can also be demonstrated.

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At the upper end of the Beginner level, a learner will be able to function with some difficulty in situations to to immediate needs when it comes to speaking and listening. They will have some simple oral communication abilities using basic learned phrases and sentences. They will be able to write letters and numbers and a limited number of sight words and simple phrases related to immediate needs and basic personal information or simple forms.

Employability here will likely be in routine entry level jobs that require basic oral and written skills and where all tasks can be demonstrated.

As you move down the scale, a learner will have limited skills related to immediate needs in in terms of speaking and listening. They will be able to ask and respond to very basic learned phrases, often repeated and said slowly. They will have some limited reading and writing ability and understand some common words, maybe able to write basics like name and address.

Job opportunity is extremely limited to entry level roles where tasks are demonstrated and no communication required.

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