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Five of our students have joined the #InspiringEnglish Experiment. We will be following their journey as they master English to help them achieve their own dreams and ambitions.

Join us to follow their weekly progress as they go through the challenges and hard work of learning a new language.

Boo, 23, from Vietnam. “I want to learn English to work for an international company and connect with people all over the world.”

Cady, 30, from China. “I am a simple person, travelling the world trying to find what makes me happy in life.”

Everson, 56, from Brazil. “I hope to gain an opportunity in my life, something I have never had but only if I deserve it.”

Nerses, 19, from Armenia. “I want to sound and write as native as it’s possible. My biggest aim is to be able to have a British accent.”

Yuan, 24, from China. “I want to pass the IELTS test and complete my dream of studying abroad.”

Coming September 2020
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When a person improves themselves, they give something to the world. What will you give?


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