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Our course is the world class English language e-learning course created by the authority on English Language publishing. Oxford University Press are the creators of the iconic Oxford English Dictionary and as a department of the University of Oxford have been publishing the dictionary and other major works for more than 500 years. My Oxford English e-learning consists of 12 levels with a clear link to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging from A1 Beginner to C1 Advanced.

How it Works

Successful language acquisition depends on four key factors: motivation, quality of content, proven methodology and effective teaching. My Oxford English offers the highest quality content that engages and entertains learners and motivates them to study. The course has a clear and intuitive structure and a methodology and pedagogy that has been crafted by Oxford’s English language teaching experts to provide a clear itinerary for learners to reach their goals. The foundation of the course is the online, self-paced learning modules where a student can log in or work offline at any time, picking up from where they left off to continue a variety of exercises at their own pace. A virtual teacher bot is online 24/7 to provide additional support, which enhances engagement and development, particularly when combined with the real life and real-time coaches and tutors.

The course is divided into 12 levels, each with 12 units designed to develop the four core elements of English language – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Once a learner is assessed their starting point, learning, exercises and tests all weave together to allow them to constantly test their comprehension and improvement in competency. Each module has at least 50 hours of learning available, along with many additional resources that can allow for a deep and fully immersive learning experience, unlike any other provider. The course is also designed with flexibility in mind as time pressure can be a real issue, particularly for those working. A 20 minute daily commitment combined with support from a coach and tutor will see them achieve great results. A learner can expect to complete a module in three months if committed.

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Each unit of learning centres around a high quality video that forms the key vehicle in presenting the topic, grammar and expressions, all done in an entertaining and memorable manner. All the modules are based on real life and workplace experiences, which adds cultural context to the learning. The rich bank of resources include interactive activities, an extensive and exclusive reading and learning resource combined with especially adapted works of literature in e-book form, a grammar bank and gamification through the Campus, My Oxford English learners will be highly equipped with the language and skills they need to communicate and work effectively in English.

The team of world-class academics and authors behind My Oxford English research and utilise the latest in pedagogic thinking and instructional design to develop a structured and coherent programmes of study for maximum learning efficacy. This allows a learner to digest, process and retain information at a higher rate than purely by learning through conventional self-study where they read and digest without support, supervision and error correction. With My Oxford English, learners will immediately begin to feel the benefits of faster learning and increased confidence in their ability to communicate, no matter what level they are starting at. With My Oxford English, a learner is assured entry at the right level, able to progress at a speed to suit their learning style with self-paced learning using world class proven methodology.

Online Resources at a Glance

Throughout the course, a virtual teacher introduces each unit, guides learners through the activities, and gives explanations on the language presented, as well as pronunciation tips. A real life coach and dynamiser will also help you with a learning plan and timed & structured series of email communications. A key feature is simulated conversation, whereby learners interact with characters from the videos. They practise pronunciation extensively, recording their voice, and comparing pronunciation of the new vocabulary with that of a native English speaker.

A key resource is the large team of highly qualified English Language teachers and philologists – experts on the structure and connection of languages – and who have extensive experience in language teaching in the classroom, live online and also one-to-one. They work permanently out of the Oxford University Press centre to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, communication and best practice with a focus entirely on student outcomes, completion rates and learning success. They are backed by a highly skilled quality assurance team who rigorously check the output of students against an exacting set of teaching standards.

Tutors are assigned to students throughout a study module and in addition virtual classes can be organised for cohorts with live online group classes with a qualified English teacher, allowing a learner to participate wherever they are in the world and whenever it suits them. Cohorts can be grouped by English ability, region, study level or randomly in order to create a more diverse and rich learning experience. Alternatively, one to one phone or Skype classes can be organized to fit around learners schedules to allow them to focus on particular learning objectives.

The online Campus is a virtual environment where learners recycle and extend what they’ve learnt in the course – a fundamental aspect of successful language acquisition. From games to quizzes, articles, travel guides, and grammar and vocabulary activities, the Campus offers learners hours of extra practice through gamification. The Campus houses a library of more than 50 famous works of literature in e-book form that are adapted and graded to the learner’s level as they progress. As well as being a pleasurable read, they also reinforce learning and improve reading and listening skills and develop vocabulary.

Learners can also access two exclusive Oxford study tools integrated into the platform – an online Oxford Dictionary with English and American English spelling, meanings, context, both written and with audio pronunciation. In addition is the Oxford Grammar Bank – a quick-reference grammar guide containing clear and concise summaries and examples. Business users also benefit from a large collection of templates for emails, letters and other correspondence along with situational videos and exercises. The learner can work through the context of the email and actually use what they have just learned using Microsoft Outlook.

My Oxford English is built on a robust technology platform and is tablet friendly in both browser and app form and connects online and offline to keep you working, no matter what the coverage. While Oxford is always innovating and technology is key, My Oxford English has a balanced series of updates that are released to keep in line with the latest technology and older series devices and operating systems without focusing obsessively on the latest gimmick and trend. However, behind that, is world class unmatched English language learning expertise that has stood the test of time.



Completion rate

Over 87% of students complete the program and go on to successfully use their language in business and further study


Learner Satisfaction

Of over 200,000 students, nine out of ten would recommend Oxford English.


Client Satisfaction

Hundreds and thousands of businesses use and endorse My Oxford English

Once the Oxford online learning program begins, the first step is to take an integrated placement test, which allows the program to adapt to the learner’s needs and level of English. As the course progresses, there are three levels of evaluation, starting with auto-corrected practice exercises, each unit then concludes with a self-check, which evaluates how well the students have learned. After each block of three units, they complete tutor-corrected progress tests with written and recorded personal feedback along with a regularly scheduled telephone call with a designated tutor. The final assessment stage of each module confirms the level of English achieved in line with the CEFR and a certificate is generated to confirm this achievement.

My Oxford English levels align to recognised exams such as TOEIC® and IELTS, allowing learners to not only increase their proficiency in English but also to feel confident in taking a formal exam providing they have fully and properly studied. Before a student commits to the program, there is also an opportunity to take an optional Oxford Placement Test, which can allow students to assess their current level of English ability before they commit to the whole course. The test uses the latest adaptive computing technologies – so as a learner completes the test it automatically adjusts their level of English during the test to increase accuracy and help the student perform at his or her best. As the test progresses, the learner will only answer questions relevant to the language level they are at. The test is automatically marked in real-time. It gives accurate, reliable and instant results and is available in English and American English options.

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