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Upper-Advanced Plus, which corresponds to the higher level C1 of CEFR and is equivalent to IELTS 7-8 and TOEFL 110-120

Business professionals, aviation and technical professionals in roles requiring advanced language capabilities. University students and those studying professional qualifications. Teachers at primary school level.

Discuss ethics and values plus perform tasks such as writing complex proposals and sales & marketing emails. Grammatically, learn how to distance and depersonalise using the passive, discourse markers, emphasise using inversion and use participle clauses. Have advanced listening, speaking and aural communication.

You can move towards full mastery of English and with a particular focus on business language, will be able to feel confident in a work scenario able to fluently communicate without obvious effort. On completion you’ll be able to use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes and express ideas spontaneously whether written or spoken. Learners will be able to engage in complex conversations and negotiations using persuasion and influence skills, able to understand a wide range of very demanding, longer texts and recognise the implicit meaning in written form.

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