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My Oxford English at a Glance

Here you can see a variety of the screens and resources available when you sign up for My Oxford English. Learn at your own pace in your own time on your laptop or tablet online or offline and let your devices sync to avoid costly data charges. If you click on each of the headings on the left of the page you will see the official level that each module covers and who its for, the kind of learning you will undertake along and how you will be able to use it once learned. Each module has approximately fifty hours of learning plus countless resources including videos, articles and classic works of literature, especially re-written for that level of English. Contact Us if you want any further information on Oxford University Press’s world class materials for your learners, staff or teachers.


Our Network

We partner with an international network of highly trusted and successful businesses, agencies and associates who have all worked in key development areas for the advancement of education, entry into the professions and trade & regulatory bodies for many years. We work across every continent and most markets whether capital or emerging.

Our Mission

EnglishLL uses online channels to ensure that learning of English is democratized and available to the widest possible audience. Working with Oxford University Press, we are proud to offer products and services which have world class standards of scholarship, robust pedagogic principles combined with high levels of learner success and a deep heritage.

Our Values

We advocate the true values of the not for profit and education sector; those of integrity, equity, stewardship, partnership, service and accountability. We operate authentically with passion, pride, professionalism and personality. We want to do work that matters and play our part in supporting organisations who empower today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

Contact Info

Phone: +44 (203) 287 2545