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Many chartered and other professional bodies have their sometimes centuries old origins in the English speaking world. Their constitutions are often in English, tuition almost wholly in English and license to operate is often built around both current and legacy UK and US statute, covenants and memorandum & articles. And while English is mandatory in the likes of the aviation industry, it is a given that banking, finance and legal professionals demand mastery of English in order to maintain a license to operate along with chartered status or training contract, particularly if working in an international context.

In the Professions

Chartered and professional bodies have experienced a rapid expansion in recent decades, similar to that of the world’s top universities, because of the pace of growth of emerging economies in particular, globalisation and the greater spread of wealth. This has presented new opportunities and challenges, even in markets where English is native or second language as uptake does not necessarily represent the understood position as the primary spoken language. NARIC, the agency that compares qualifications from global universities and bodies, cites an assumed B1 level of English on the Common European Framework (CEFR) as an entry requirement for professional associations.

In practical terms, this may cause challenges as it is well understood that good standards of English are a key factors in exam success, particularly at the professional levels where knowledge acquisition is usually highly complex and technical. Regional differences in quality of English can vary widely, even if a country officially adopts English as a native language. Ensuring a learner has the right English deals with avoidable setbacks in study, removing barriers to success and contributing to improved exam results, which keeps a student on a more predictable journey to membership while positively impacting their overall satisfaction levels and helping stabilize overall attrition rates.

Supporting Students

Learning English is a key factor in building a better career and earning more money as those who use languages in their jobs typically earn 8% more than those in similar roles who don’t. Also, more than one-third of businesses choose people specifically for their language skills. English is the international business language With our partner’s world-class, trusted & proven English language services, a student will be coached to a level of competency where they can confidently continue their studies with any English language barriers removed. They can enter at the level they are comfortable with after a placement test, be tutored before and throughout their existing studies and at a fixed price that gives them and their sponsors certainty on costs and quality.

Supporting Outcomes

When you study with us we make it easy from the very beginning. The focus is on learner satisfaction and ease of use. There are a variety of ways to flex and bespoke the system to suit a variety of requirements, from the provision of Oxford’s world class content on your own system from a self paced learning package to a fully functioning English language virtual school with tutors and coaches running various sessions and one-to-one training.

The platform runs on secure web based technology so there’s no need for costly integration. Your project manager works with you to set up and design the best way to administer and onboard learners, whether working with you directly through your web presence or through learning and delivery partners. All we need is the names and contact details of the learners and our coaches and tutors get on with the rest, setting up the personalized training and development plan with start dates, timings for contact and lessons and log on to the system. There is also sophisticated reporting software so you can chart and closely manage the progress of all learners.

Our Network

We partner with an international network of highly trusted and successful businesses, agencies and associates who have all worked in key development areas for the advancement of education, entry into the professions and trade & regulatory bodies for many years. We work across every continent and most markets whether capital or emerging.

Our Mission

EnglishLL uses online channels to ensure that learning of English is democratized and available to the widest possible audience. Working with Oxford University Press, we are proud to offer products and services which have world class standards of scholarship, robust pedagogic principles combined with high levels of learner success and a deep heritage.

Our Values

We advocate the true values of the not for profit and education sector; those of integrity, equity, stewardship, partnership, service and accountability. We operate authentically with passion, pride, professionalism and personality. We want to do work that matters and play our part in supporting organisations who empower today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

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