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Equipping employees with the skills they need to work in English can unlock an organisation’s global potential. Organisations of virtually any size are now able to trade virtually anywhere and operate in an increasingly borderless environment, from sourcing in Asia to selling in the Americas, seeking European investment, listing on the London Stock Exchange through to expansion into Africa. Now, more than ever, English has become the de facto language of business across most of the world and without it companies on that playing field will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

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Good standards of English is such a critical factor to international businesses that over half of them require native or advanced English speakers and offer higher salaries, ranging from on average 8% up to 30% in certain countries,. The skills gap can exceed 40% where the biggest challenges lie in internal facing roles such as HR and finance, production and logistics. The gap is narrowed for external facing roles such as sales & customer service. It is also normal to expect staff to manage and hold calls, meetings, give presentations and pitches and even enter complex negotiations, all of which requires a command of English.

Effective business English is not only essential for business development and expansion but for protecting and reducing the risk to your business. A great deal of statute, contract law and regulation often derives from English and US law and is increasingly important to all industries in an ever-increasing world of compliance. In industries like aviation, for example, English is mandatory for crew and traffic control staff. The majority of business literature, international journals, correspondence and technical information is produced in English.

Our English e-learning is a global e-platform that was developed by the expert editorial team from Oxford University Press, the world’s leading authority on the English language A learner is assured entry at the right level, able to progress at a speed to suit their learning style with self-paced learning using world class proven methodology. There is further support from tutors and coaches, an extensive resource of support materials and tracking and assessment tools to chart a learner’s progress through to the point where they can confidently continue their chosen chosen professional studies.

As the world’s most authoritative voice of English language, with hundreds of years of English language teaching and the founders of the famous Oxford English Dictionary, you are assured that you will be getting access to the best English language training there is. Over the centuries, Oxford English has become known to be the global benchmark for English language speaking, learning, teaching and publishing. Millions of pounds continues to be invested by Oxford University Press and the University of Oxford and thousands of academics, editors and authors continue to contribute to its English corpus assuring best in class language learning.

How it Works


Employers and businesses use the Common European Framework for the Recognition of Languages (CEFR) to measure the language skills of their key employees as large and critical business decisions can be reliant on mastery of English, especially in an international environment. The My Oxford English curriculum is matched to the levels of the CEFR with strong focus on business English at the top levels. If your organisation needs to mandate English and record progress, My Oxford English has capabilities to track and measure a learner’s progress with comprehensive reporting.


Employees and teams will be better able to communicate in English that will drive collaboration and productivity in your increasingly global organization. Through our structured learning environment, which has self paced and tutor & coach supported learning plans, staff can efficiently improve key skills of reading, speaking, writing and listening.


As learners move through the levels of the course, there is a strong emphasis on business English with terms, usage and workplace scenarios used to create the correct context. In addition to this is a new suite of resources that has business videos covering a variety of scenarios and new email templates that can be exported to Outlook. In addition to this, learning is designed and delivered to suit the working professional with learning on demand and calls and tutors scheduled to suit the learner.


We work with hundreds of businesses, organisations and educational establishments around the world from governments to FTSE 100 companies and beyond. Our project teams bespoke learning to your needs, which means you will get maximum efficacy from your investment and people.


The certainty that you get the return on investment that comes from dealing with an organisation with such world-renowned educational quality combined the latest technology and professional support, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Giving back

When you invest in your people, you are empowering and giving them a skill for life that enables them in so many ways. Not only that, it allows them to also progress faster up the career ladder and delivering even greater value to your organization.

Licensing to your Organisation

When you work with EnglishLL, we make it easy from the very beginning. The focus is on client and learner satisfaction and ease of use. There are a variety of ways to flex and bespoke the system to suit a variety of requirements, from the provision of Oxford’s world class content or a basic self paced learning package to a fully functioning English language virtual school with tutors and coaches running various sessions and one-to-one training to suit.

Oxford English systems run on web based technology so there’s no need for costly integration. Your project manager works with you to set up and design the best way to administer and onboard learners and provide you with the feedback and reporting you need. All we need is the names and contact details of the learners and our coaches and tutors get on with the rest, setting up the personalized training and development plan with start dates, timings for contact and lessons and log on to the system. Behind this is a series of sophisticated management and reporting tools that allows an organization to chart the progress of its learners and ensure its achieving maximum return on investment with its staff and their learning programs.

Industry leading 98% client satisfaction

Our Network

We partner with an international network of highly trusted and successful businesses, agencies and associates who have all worked in key development areas for the advancement of education, entry into the professions and trade & regulatory bodies for many years. We work across every continent and most markets whether capital or emerging.

Our Mission

EnglishLL uses online channels to ensure that learning of English is democratized and available to the widest possible audience. Working with Oxford University Press, we are proud to offer products and services which have world class standards of scholarship, robust pedagogic principles combined with high levels of learner success and a deep heritage.

Our Values

We advocate the true values of the not for profit and education sector; those of integrity, equity, stewardship, partnership, service and accountability. We operate authentically with passion, pride, professionalism and personality. We want to do work that matters and play our part in supporting organisations who empower today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

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