As English has become the dominant language of business globally, so Legal English has followed in its footsteps. English and American law can be found in many statute books around the world.As a profession, law scores highest on the EF Index for English competency, which means that its an essential element for career success. All aspects of English fluency will be essential to your success, whether you intend on working in a practice, corporate legal team, government department, justice system or international organisation such as the UN or EU.

You will need strong reading and comprehension skills to understand the nuance of words and their correct legal meaning in a court of law. A strong legal vocabulary combined with fluent practical English will be essential in order to interpret common situations into a legal context and vice versa as well as negotiate and advise clients. Legal English uses a great deal of technical vocabulary as well as having unique rules around punctuation, word order and use of things like phrasal verbs.

If you are wanting to study law in the US, you will need to sit the LSAT exam, which is growing in popularity across the world since the discontinuation of the ILEC exam by Cambridge English. Other options like IELTS and BEC Higher provide acceptable alternatives too.

Studying with us will not only teach you the right English but greater confidence to comprehend and argue points of law across various jurisdictions, particularly if you are working internationally.

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