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Through its collaboration with academic researchers at the University of Oxford, teachers and technology partners, Oxford University Press is an integral part of the academic and educational community. All of the content, instructional design and methodology in the products is developed by Oxford with the purpose of creating the best possible environment for both learning and teaching English. Join thousands of educational institutions, government agencies, public organisations and FTSE businesses that have chosen Oxford University Press as the solution to their English teaching needs for over 200,000 learners.

Academic English

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When you work with us, we make it easy from the outset with focus on ease of integration and on student & tutor outcomes. With world-class pedagogic and instructional design underpinning structured learning, the course is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is ideal as a blended learning solution when combined with Oxford Teaching materials. There is also a variety of ways to flex and bespoke the system to suit different requirements. If you have a languages faculty or lab, content can be incorporated into your own learning management system or self paced learning can be provided to a fully functioning English language virtual school with tutors and coaches running group and one-to-one classes.

Oxford English systems run on robust web based and mobile technology so there’s no need for costly integration. An assigned project manager works with you to set up and design the best way to administer and onboard learners, whether working with you or through learning and delivery partners. All we need is the details of the learners and our coaches and tutors get on with the rest, setting up the personalized training and development plan with start dates, timings for contact and lessons. Full progress tracking and reporting is available on a single, cohort or school-wide basis to ensure progress and mapping to any other  learning programs. If you don’t have an English faculty, this solution can support your students easily and flexibly with possibilities to bind in courses.


As the world’s most authoritative voice of the English language and as the founders of the Oxford English Dictionary, you are assured that you will be getting access to the best possible English language learning there is. The English Language Teaching Division of Oxford University Press is also celebrated as the leading provider of English language learning courses and teacher assistance training programs. High quality instructional design ensures successful and efficiently delivered learning outcomes and with the breadth of the course combined with accurate placement testing and a constant series of assessments and checks, a learner can be assured they are progressing at the right pace and matching the requirements of their level of professional study.


Prepare yourself for use of real-life English in higher and professional education and the workplace, both domestically and internationally. Give yourself even greater certainty of success by partnering with the world’s leading creator of English language learning. Give yourself added flexibility of always on world-class e-learning with additional options and support for blended learning, perhaps a simple self-paced learning with an extensive resource bank or full tuition with a specialist tutor. Give yourself the skill level and confidence they need to work in English through best in class instructional design with a host of support materials created by the leading English language publisher

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We partner with an international network of highly trusted and successful businesses, agencies and associates who have all worked in key development areas for the advancement of education, entry into the professions and trade & regulatory bodies for many years. We work across every continent and most markets whether capital or emerging.

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EnglishLL uses online channels to ensure that learning of English is democratized and available to the widest possible audience. Working with Oxford University Press, we are proud to offer products and services which have world class standards of scholarship, robust pedagogic principles combined with high levels of learner success and a deep heritage.

Our Values

We advocate the true values of the not for profit and education sector; those of integrity, equity, stewardship, partnership, service and accountability. We operate authentically with passion, pride, professionalism and personality. We want to do work that matters and play our part in supporting organisations who empower today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

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